When it comes to really getting the feeling for what racing is all about, Club Racing is the perfect place to get your adrenalin and blood flowing and although it may quench your thirst for racing, it more than likely will leave you thirsty for more and more.

Club racing is racing on real race tracks, wheel to wheel, and at times fender to fender.  It’s not just a race against the clock as in Solo racing, it’s a race to the checkered flag.  You’ll race on the best and most famous tracks in the country.

Club racing has classes from street cars to open-wheel formula cars.  Although near stock street cars are seen on the track, most all will require a certain level of safety preparation.  Things like 5 point harnesses, roll bars, and fire systems are required.

Even though it is a long process to get started, Club racing is probably easier than you think.  There are over 300 Club events each year so there are plenty of opportunities to race.  The basic step to get started are;

1.       Join the SCCA

A simple process.  Just fill out some forms, submit your small membership fee, and your now a member.

2.       Submit your application.

This is probably the most tedious part of the process.  It involves submitting your paperwork which includes a couple of photos, a physical, copies of your drivers license, and waivers if your under 18.

3.       Prepare to enter an SCCA drivers school.

You’ll need to find a drivers school and do some studying before hand.

4.       Do the drivers school.

This is where the real fun begins!

5.       Do a couple of regional races and get your license!

You can also get more information by emailing licensing@scca.com or

Call SCCA at 800.770.2055 or

Write to:


PO Box 1940

Topeka , KS 66619-0400

SCCA Solo Racing:

So you want to go racing and don’t know where to start.  We’ll there are a few options that are very affordable and easy to get started in.

SCCA Solo2 or Autocross:

The first and perhaps easiest to get into is SCCA Solo2 or autocross competition.  Some might say that Solo2 isn’t really racing; it’s more of a timed event on a parking lot however I dare you to say that to any serious Solo2 racer.  Solo2 events really focus on the individual driver’s skill more than the car preparation.  Don’t get us wrong, your car must be setup properly, but with so many classes to run in, you can run everything from a fully modified road racing Corvette to a stock Toyota Camery.

Typical courses are setup on large parking lots or airport runways.  The course is designated by traffic cones setup in such a way that there is very little chance to damage your car should you overcook a corner or spin out.  Speeds are usually no faster than 60 mph however the turns are quick and abundant.  There are combinations of slaloms, straits, hairpin turns, and gates that make the course fun and exciting.  You get penalized two seconds for every cone that you knock over.  So even if you are 3 seconds faster than the rest of your class, knocking over two cones will put you out of the first place finish.

Car setup for fully race prepped cars could take you months to get right.  However car setup for the stock classes is a bit more simple.  All you really need to do is put a little bit more air pressure in your tires and go racing!  Actually, the winners in the stock classes usually do a bit more than just tire pressure.  In the stock class, you are able to change out your shocks, put on D.O.T. legal race tires, front sway bar, and even a roll cage.  However you must use all stock mounting points for the shocks and your tires must be of the same size as stock.

What do I need to bring…do I need any special safety equipment?  All you really need to bring is you, your car, and $30-$50 for the entry fee.  Most clubs can supply you with a loaner helmet.  You don’t need gloves, driving suites, special race tires, or 5 point harnesses.  All you need to do is pass a basic safety inspection, borrow a helmet and you are ready to go!

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